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Just saving my space on DW for now ;DD

Lay out by [community profile] fruitstyle

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adobe photoshop, aiba masaki, aiba-masaki-is-a-genius, aiming for impossible dreams, alternative music, anime, anime artbooks, arashi, art, avex trax, being random at times, books, boys love, business administration, cake, children's shows, chocolate, clamp, coffee, crack!, do-it-yourself miniatures, doujinshis, drawing, dreams, dvds, emoticons, fanfiction, felt crafts, gackt, graphics, ice cream, ice cream cake, internet, ipod, japanese idol variety shows, jasc paintshop pro, jdrama, johnny's jr., jpop, jrock, jun style, kaori yuki, kdrama, keeping myself busy, kitties!, koike teppei, koyasu takehito, kpop, l'arc~en~ciel, lee jun ki, live action, making graphics, making icons, making lists, making plans, malice mizer, manga, materialistic happiness, matsumoto jun, matsumoto-jun-is-such-a-fabulous!dork, movies, murakami maki, muselets, ninomiya kazunari, ninomiya-kazunari-totally-pwns-them-all, oguri shun, ohno satoshi, ohno-satoshi-and-fishing-is-one-true-love, plush dolls, pop music, pretty boys and men, pretty idol magazine scans, procrastinating, random ideas, reading, sakurai sho, sakurai-sho's-fail-is-more-epic-than-yours, shopping, shoujo manga, sparklies!, sparkly idol photobooks, super dollfie, tanemura arina, tenimyu, the colour blue, the sims2, tokusatsu, traveling, various japanese/korean music shows, video games, writing, x japan
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